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How to Clean a Hardwood Floor

Hardwood floors can be a beautiful addition to any room of your home, but require the proper cleaning and care to maintain their beauty.

Scratches, nicks and dents can ruin the appearance of your floor. By learning how to clean a hardwood floor, you can rest assured the beauty of your floor covering will last for years to come.

While it’s very important to properly clean your floor, it’s essential to discover how to prevent damage from happening altogether!

Take heed of the following cleaning advice and your floor will look amazing, clean and scratch-free!

Door Mats are Essential

Place a door mat in front of every entry way into your home where guests will have to step onto the hardwood floor.

Door mats will catch any traces of dirt and gravel that could be tracked in. Even in small amounts, dirt particles from outdoors can scratch a hardwood floor.

If you visit your local hardware and home repair store, you can purchase specialty mats that are made specifically for hardwood floors. Mats that are backed with rubber will damage your floor and should not be used.

Sweep, Sweep… and Sweep some More!

Hardwood FloorIf you have hardwood floors in your home, do not underestimate the power of a high quality broom. Sweep up dust, dirt and grime at least once a week to drastically reduce potential nicks and scratches from dirt particles.

A vacuum cleaner that works on hardwood floors can also be used to get at hard to reach areas of your floor.

Care and Cleaning

According the World Floor Covering Association (WFCA), how you clean your hardwood floor will depend on both how it was installed and the type of finish used.
Check with your retailer to determine routine cleaning requirements, as well as professional wood cleaning products to use on your floor if stains or spills occur.
If you have damage or stains that go beyond the surface of the floor, regular wood cleaning products will not help.

You may need to refinish the floor to restore the hardwood to its natural beauty, in which case a professional needs to be brought in. Do not attempt to refinish the floor yourself unless you are 100% certain you know what you are doing – any work on your hardwood floor should be handled by skilled professional.

Protect your Investment

As with all things, your hardwood floor will go through changes with time. It may fade, darken or completely change colors through normal wear and tear.

If the hardwood floor is constantly exposed to sunlight, this process will hasten greatly. Avoid exposing the floor to sunlight as much as possible. If furniture rests on the floor, ensure you do not scratch the surface when rearranging the furniture, and use protective pads on table and chair legs to avoid scuffing or scratching the finish.

By regularly maintaining and cleaning your hardwood floor, as well as taking steps to prevent damage, you can enjoy a beautiful floor for many years to come.