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Closet Organization - clear your clutter!

A closet serves a useful purpose; it can keep clothing and shoes neatly organized. Scarves, handbags and accessories can hang purposefully on metal racks or be placed neatly on storage shelves.

A closet overrun with clothing you never wear, thrown in piles on the floor or jumbled in an unrecognizable order however can be stressful and chaotic.

It can be surprisingly simple to clean up closet clutter. It requires you to be honest about your clothing choices, and carve out enough time to organize when you won’t be interrupted.

When you take the time to clean up the clutter, you’ll have a manageable closet that will be easy to keep organized.


Closet OrganizerThe only way to organize your closet and get rid of clutter requires you to organize everything you have.

Pull everything out of your closet, and sort things into separate piles based on the following factors:

Items you love and know you’re keeping should go in one pile. Be honest with yourself; clothing that no longer fits or that still has the price tags on it from two years ago should not be in this pile!

Clothing that makes you feel good when you wear it should also be kept, but here’s where it gets a little tricky. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you’ll wear that dress you bought 5 years ago on sale… when you’ve only worn it once.

Even if you don’t wear a particular piece of clothing frequently, but when you do wear it you feel beautiful, keep it. You’re likely to wear it again, even if it’s not very often. Just make sure you differentiate between items you know you’ll wear, and clothing that just doesn’t make sense to keep anymore.

Finally, there needs to be a pile of clothing that you aren’t keeping. This pile can be given away to friends, thrift stores or charities.

If you can’t decide about some items, don’t put them back in your closet. Buy a large plastic storage bin, and store those items in a garage or attic. You can decide about them later. The important thing is to clean out closet clutter, not put it right back!

Organize What you’re Keeping

Once you’ve sorted everything into piles, you can start to break down what you’re keeping into distinct categories. This will make it much easier to find what you’re looking for!

Office attire should be grouped together, as should formal outfits and dresses and casual wear. Anything that should be folded rather than hung up should be placed neatly in a drawer.

If you want to keep seasonal clothing in your closet, group those items together as well and put them further away than everything else you wear until it’s the appropriate season.

In keeping with the general theme of things, group pants, suits, skirts and shirts together. Shoes can be placed together on convenient shoe racks or a hanger on the back of your closet door or wall. Accessories should also have their own home to avoid cluttering up the closet again!

If you need to add more shelving units or storage racks to your closet, do so now. Throw away broken or warped hangers and purchase all new hangers to hold your clothing.

These simple changes can make a huge difference.

Once you know what you have and everything is organized, it will be much easier to find what you need or want to wear. You can save even more time by planning what you want to wear the night before, and leaving it in an easily accessible spot.

By cleaning up closet clutter, you’ll save yourself time and a lot of stress!