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Creating Storage Space

It is probably safe to say that hardly anyone has enough storage space.  No matter how often and how well we may try to stay on top of things, inevitably we look around and say, “I need more storage space!”

This is the time when one’s imagination and ingenuity can be put to good use.  By looking at what is already available with an eye to whether or not it can be used for storage, one may be surprised at exactly how much storage area there is.

Laundry baskets make GREAT storage containers.  They can hold out-of-season clothing or bedding, they can even be used to store a child’s toys. 

The containers that hold baby wipes or cleaning wipes (after a thorough washing, of course) can also be used.  These are especially handy in a workroom, craft/hobby room, or anywhere else small items may be.  The can be labeled to show exactly what is in that particular container, or a different color can be used for different things.

Shoe boxes are also another great storage place.  One place where a shoe box can really be used is in the trunk of a car.  The shoe box can be equipped with a can of tire sealant, an emergency rain poncho, a flashlight, and a small package of pre-moistened wipes, thus making a convenient, easily-accessible emergency kit.

Don’t forget closet wall space.  Sometimes a closet is designed so that there is available wall space.  A well-placed hook or holder of any type can hold a multitude of items that would otherwise take up valuable space.

Extra storage space does exist.  It just takes a little looking, a little careful thought, and a willingness to utilize the existing space in the best way possible.