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Finding the Right Self-Storage Facility

“A-1 Storage”.  “Store-It-Here”.  No matter what they call themselves, most storage facilities are pretty much the same, no matter where they are located.  And, they all serve the same purpose—providing extra space.

So, which storage facility really is the best?  With so many of them out there, that might be hard to determine.  However, a little research and “comparison-shopping” will usually help one make the right decision.

First off, check to see which storage facilities are located closest to where you live.  It does no good to rent a storage unit if it is going to take an hour to get there to retrieve something that is stored there. 

Is the area well maintained?  Is the security adequate?  If the facility itself has a neglected appearance, it’s probably a certainty that the units aren’t going to be in much better shape.  If you don’t like what you see, go somewhere else then; there are plenty of places out there.

If you are satisfied with the overall appearance of the facility and the unit, then you’re ready to talk about the expense.  Because storage facilities are so prolific, everyone is going to want your business.  So, don’t be afraid to shop around for the best deal.  Remember, too, that the larger the unit, the higher the rent.  Get the smallest size you can, even if that means doing some ruthless “downsizing”.

Some paperwork is to be expected; however, renting a storage unit should not be as difficult as buying a car.  The contract should be easy to read and understand, with little or no fine print.  If the paperwork seems excessive, you may want to consider another facility.

Is the owner or manager courteous?  If he or she does not care about how you are treated, then they will probably feel the same way about your belongings.