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Decorating with Flowers

Regardless of your decorating tastes, flowers are an excellent accent to any room of your home. Fresh flowers are automatically inviting, and there are countless creative ways to decorate with flowers.

Creative Collectibles

While traditional vases are convenient and hold flowers well, why not add a little creative touch to your flower arrangements?

Teapots, unique glass bottles, and antique water pitchers all make excellent containers for a small flower arrangement. Look around your home for collectible pieces that can hold flower arrangements for a creative touch.

Clay pots can also function as a container – you can even decorate them to suit your personal tastes!

Floating Flowers and Unique Centerpieces

For an elegant look, purchase a clear crystal or glass bowl and fill with water. Float a few of your favorite blooms in the bowl (daisies and roses are great choices) and add one or two floating candles for a unique effect.

Alternatively, you can fill a clear glass vase with marbles, pretty rocks or colored stones and use them to anchor fresh-picked flowers. Use the vase as a centerpiece for a coffee or dining room table.

Unique Arrangements

A holiday get together or a party among friends can be made extra special by creating flower arrangements to match the party theme.

Decorate with roses, lilies or other fragrant flowers for an intimate gathering. Vibrant, bold flowers will go well with an outdoor barbeque.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating with flowers for a unique party arrangement that will add a special touch to your get together.

Similarly, you can consider making small flower arrangements to match the seasons. The choice is yours!

Decorating by Room

While any room of your home can benefit from a well-placed flower arrangement, certain arrangements look stunning in a specific room of your house.

For example, a small collection of terra cotta pots against a windowsill in the kitchen are an excellent way to decorate with flowers in an unusual room of the home.

Plant herbs, violets, daisies or anything that craves sun – and decorate the pots to match the rest of your kitchen décor!

For a front hallway, a large arrangement of flowers will be the first thing anyone notices when they enter your home. Create a vivid, bright arrangement and place on a small table in the entryway.

You can even change the flowers throughout the seasons for a continually updated look.

Learning how to decorate with flowers not only opens you up to creative possibilities, but adds a breath of fresh air to your home décor.

Use your imagination and experiment with different types of flowers and arrangements to find what you like best and what works well in your home.

Use flowers to complement your existing décor or build around it to create a unique decoration that speaks of your decorating tastes. Every week, consider a new color, a different flower or a new arrangement that you’d like to try out.

Once you start experimenting, you’ll find that decorating with flowers is not only fun, but a simple way to spruce up your home.