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Getting Rid of Clutter

Everyone has clutter.  Single people may have a little less than married people, childless couples may have a lot less than families with children, but everyone has clutter.

And, clutter does NOT need to be packed.  Clutter does not need to go to the nice, new, clean home.  Clutter needs to go bye-bye.

De-cluttering may be the hardest thing that anyone has ever done—especially if someone has a reputation as a “pack rat”.  But, it must be done, and if it takes someone else standing over Mr.  Or Mrs. Packrat, or supervising Junior or Susie Packrat, then that is what must be done.

The vast majority of clutter will be in the form of papers—important ones as well as those that are not now (if they ever were important).  Care should be taken to keep ESSENTIAL paperwork, while getting rid of anything that outdated, expired, or otherwise no longer needed. 

If some of the clutter includes awards, certificates, newspaper clippings, or other similar items, one may want to consider either making a scrapbook or gathering those items in one place and asking someone who enjoys scrap booking to do it.  In that way, the paper will still be there, but in a neater form.  And, a scrapbook is a lot easier to store than a bunch of loose papers.

Toys, books, and clothing that have served their purpose, old VCR tapes, and DVDs or CDs that are no longer listened to or watched can be gathered and given to a local charity.  If it is felt that some of the stuff may have monetary value, that can be sold or offered for bid through an on-line auction site.

Less clutter means less stuff to pack and unpack, less stuff to load and unload, and MORE space!  More space is good.  De-cluttering is good.