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Minimize your Kitchen Cleaning Time

A clean kitchen not only functions better, but looks great as well. Unfortunately, cleaning the kitchen can be an enormous task.

Thankfully, there are simple things you can do to clean your kitchen quickly. The following tips don‘t need to be done that often, but they will make subsequent cleaning an absolute breeze.

While cleaning the kitchen usually takes quite a bit of time, set aside a few hours where you will not be interrupted.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when your kitchen seems cluttered and dirty. By taking the time to clean areas that are often overlooked, your kitchen will sparkle.


Let’s face it - how often do you wipe down your cabinets? Once a year, make it a point to take everything out of your kitchen cabinets and wipe them clean.

This will make clean dishes stay clean, because they won’t collect the dirt, dust and grime that dirty cabinets tend to harbor.

If your cupboards are lined, you may want to consider replacing the liner - especially if you don’t wipe them down often. Stick-on vinyl squares are an excellent and fairly inexpensive way to line your cabinets, and they simply wipe clean.

Wooden cabinets can benefit from a special wood polish to keep them looking beautiful and new.


Your refrigerator can stand to use a good cleaning every few months.

Make it a point to go through every item in the refrigerator. Toss out old, expired food and items you’ll probably never use.

Remove any drawers and clean them thoroughly. Scrub down the racks in your fridge before you put anything back.

If possible, move the refrigerator out from the wall and clean behind it. Gathered dirt and debris can hamper the fridge from running as effectively as it could.


It goes without saying, but clean kitchen counters are not only sanitary but make the entire kitchen appear clean and organized.

Wipe down the kitchen counters often. You can use simple soap and water or a heavy duty antibacterial cleaner to make your counters sparkle.

If you have a hard time remembering to wipe the counters down, make it become a habit - when you’ve finished washing dishes or preparing a meal, quickly wipe down the counters with a damp cloth.

The more often you do this, the easier it will subsequently be to clean them!

Many people tend to overlook these areas, but wiping down your cabinets, cleaning out your refrigerator and tending to your kitchen counters can make a world of difference.

By ensuring that you take your time and concentrate on these areas, the overall appearance of your kitchen will look amazing, and make subsequent clean-ups much easier to tackle.