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Your Moving Checklist

Packing is only a small part of the moving process.  There are other things that must be done before everything is completed. 

This is another area where a list can be of utmost importance.  As each item is completed, it can be checked off.  This will ensure that everything that needs to be done has been or will be done.

Arrangements must be made for utility services to begin at the new residence and end at the old residence.  If at all possible, both need to occur on the same day.

Change of address forms must be obtained and sent to anyone and everyone who may possibly need the new address.  Additionally, arrangements should be made for mail to be forwarded to the new address, at least for a little while. 

E-mail is a good way to accomplish this, especially where friends and family are concerned.  Those with whom you conduct regular business will probably need to receive an official change of address notice card such as those provided by the Post Office.

Manuals and instruction booklets pertaining to any appliances left in the old house should be put out where they can be seen by the new owners.  Additionally, any other information that you think the new owner may need concerning the house should be left in a conspicuous location.

The location and presence of all household items that have been packed, shipped, stored, or otherwise relocated should be accounted for.

Arrangements should be made or have been made to have the address change reflected on any legal documents that may require it.  This includes driver’s licenses, passports, visas, etc.

A final inspection should be done of the house or apartment.  This will not only ensure that nothing has been left behind or forgotten, but that any requirements necessary for receiving a security deposit refund (if there was one) have been met.