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Did My Moving Company Take Too Long?

That depends on a number of factors.  Was everything packed and ready to go when the movers arrived, or did they have to wait around while last-minute details that shouldn’t have been last minute were attended to?  How far was it from your old residence to your new home?

If the homeowner has done his or her part, then it should not take very long at all.  If the movers can come in and immediately begin loading furniture and belongings, then things will go much faster and smoother.  If they have to stop, however, and make boxes more secure, or remove drawers, or otherwise have to do stuff that should have already been done, then things may slow considerably.

The length of the journey between the old home and the new residence should be taken into consideration, also.  If the move is just across town, or only about an hour’s drive, then it is possible that all furniture and belongings will be packed and unpacked the same day.  If the distance is such that the drive will take longer, then it may be two or more days. 

Remember that movers may be covered by the same rules as “long-haul” truckers.  If it will take more than eight hours to get to the new residence, the movers may be required to take a rest break, just as any trucker would.  Also, if you know that you yourself cannot make the drive in less than a day, why should the movers be expected to do any differently?

If the movers are being paid by the hour, then you have every right to expect them to work as efficiently and rapidly as possible, while still protecting your furniture and belongings from damage.  If you feel that they are “running the clock”, in other words, they are taking longer than they should, by all means speak up.  You may wish to call the manager or supervisor, if you think it is necessary.