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Moving Day

MOVING DAY!  It’s finally here.  Everything is packed (hopefully) and loaded or ready to be loaded, the movers (professional or otherwise) have arrived, and it’s time to get out of the old house and get into the new one.  And, it arrived a lot sooner than you thought.

Rooms should be emptied one at a time.  Once the room is completely vacant, one more check should be made, especially in closets, behind doors, and in secluded corners.  Once that is done, the room should be swept, mopped if necessary, or vacuumed, depending on the flooring.  The door should then be shut, and everyone informed that that particular room is “sealed”, “cleared”, “empty”, whatever, and there is no need to re-enter that room again.

Keep some spare bags and boxes on hand in case something was missed, or to pack those items that were being used right up until the last minute.  Make sure they are labeled properly, and not forgotten.

Important papers and documents should be kept totally separate from packed items that are being loaded.  In fact, they should probably go in a separate vehicle with a responsible adult, and carried into the new residence as soon as possible.  Additionally, keep out any medical, baby, or other necessary supplies that may be needed during the day.

Ensure that the utilities have been turned off, or that the companies have been notified to turn them off at a certain time.  The sooner after the house is vacated, the better, as no one wants to pay for unnecessary electricity, gas, or water.

Try to take some time to just stand in the middle of the old house for just a few minutes and let the memories wash over you.  If this causes a few tears, that’s OK.  Everyone will understand.