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Moving Inexpensively

You guessed it - it's all about the packing!

The more efficiently packing is accomplished, the more time and money will be saved.  Proper packing ensures that belongings are secure and that loading and unloading can be done quicker.

For this reason, garbage or other plastic bags should not be used.  They are usually not strong enough to provide adequate protection, can be difficult to load and unload, and can take up otherwise available space.

Boxes are the most economical and safest form of packing containers.  They can be any type, as long as they are strong enough to hold the contents. 

Moving companies, home improvement stores, and other places do sell boxes that are said to be designed specifically for moving.  While it is true that these boxes are of slightly higher quality, any good sturdy box will be fine.  One should NOT spend a great deal of money on boxes unless the boxes can be “re-sold” to the company from which they were purchased.

Padding material can be as simple as blankets, bedding, towels, and some clothing items if the move is a relatively short one.  However, a long move may require the use of “professional” padding material.

Newspaper should not be used to wrap items in nor as filler as the ink may transfer to the item.  Magazine pages can be used for wrapping articles, and soft items such as stuffed toys and pillows can be used to cushion and secure belongings.

Boxes should be securely taped or fastened.  Improperly or poorly taped boxes could cause difficulties for the movers as they are being loaded or unloaded.  Also, if a box should collapse or break, the contents may be damaged.

At least three or more strips of tape should be placed across the top of the box.  The bottom and sides should be reinforced with at least one strip of tape.