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Packing & Moving the New York Way

It’s probably not that much different from any other way, but there are some tips in here that have literally been tested and proven to work.

The most important thing to do FIRST is create your own packing record-keeping system.  The style doesn’t matter, as long as you are able to tell at a glance where everything is.  Usually, however, a numbering system works best, with each WELL-DESCRIBED item being assigned a number as it is packed in a box that has been given a corresponding number.  Keep the list with you at all times.

Don’t skimp on moving supplies.  Get as many boxes as you think you’ll need, then get twice that many more.  Get as many as you possibly can.  Be sure to leave some empty as you will probably need them on moving day itself for forgotten or “needed-up-to-the-bitter-end” items.

Buy lots of good strong packing tape and use it to ensure that the boxes are securely closed.

Start collecting or buying stuff that can be used to wrap, cushion, and secure belongings.  Magazine pages are better than newspaper, as the ink does not transfer off magazine pages.  And, don’t forget that ordinary household items such as towels, pillows, sheets, pillowcases, even stuffed toys and animals, make great cushions.

Use wardrobe boxes (the ones that have the rod for a hanger built into the top of them) for clothing that needs to remain on the hangers, and ALSO for bulky but light articles such as comforters.  Don’t forget to utilize any space at the bottom or sides of the boxes.

Do NOT make any boxes, particularly wardrobe boxes, so heavy that they cannot be lifted fairly easily.  In other words, a wardrobe box is not the place for Dad’s bowling ball or the small fireproof safe that is kept in the bedroom.