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Moving and Storage

The old phrase “you can’t take it with you” can sometimes apply to moving.  This is especially true when circumstances occur that prevent one from being able to move into a new residence, but for some reason or another must be out of the “old place” as soon as possible.

Sometimes, especially if a new home is being built, it may not be ready for occupancy, but the old home has been sold.  Unless something can be worked out among all parties involved, it may be necessary for the former residents to pack up all their stuff and store it for a short period of time.

This is where storage facilities can prove invaluable.  Some places can make it possible for you to bring those belongings that cannot be taken to the new residence and temporarily “warehouse” them.  Other storage companies will do EVERYTHING including packing, taking the stuff to the storage facility and storing it, then reloading a truck and bringing it once the new residence can be occupied.

Other companies offer storage units that can be brought to a specific location—either the old residence, the new residence, or a central area.  The units are packed, then either taken to that company’s storage facility or to wherever the owner wishes. 

There is no shortage of storage companies.  One only has to look in the Yellow Pages of any phone book, or go on the Internet, to find one that suits the purpose. 

This gives the person needing these type services, a distinct advantage.  He or she can “comparison-shop”, thus finding the best facility for his or needs at the best price.  This is especially important if the length of time the storage will be needed is going to be fairly lengthy, as storage can get expensive.