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Moving Your Pets


Most people tend to forget that pets feel stress just as humans do.  And, very often, they pick up on the stress that their owners are feeling.

This is true of a move.  The relocation not only affects the human members of the family, but also the pets.  Therefore, it may be necessary for a pet owner to consider securing the services of a professional pet mover.

While such people can be located in the Yellow Pages of a phone book, one may wish to first check with other pet owners, the local veterinarian, or even the neighborhood groomer.  In this way, the pet owner will have more than just a listing in the phone book to go by.

A company that provides pet moving services will certainly be knowledgeable of all laws, guidelines, and regulations regarding transporting a pet from one location to another, particularly if it involves the crossing of state or international boundaries.  That company will make sure the pet owner is aware of this information; however, it is up to the owner to do whatever is necessary to assure that both the pet and the owner are in compliance.

Advance planning is crucial.  The pet may need to have a current veterinary visit on record, as well as receiving any necessary immunizations.  Additionally, the pet mover will have to be contacted and a move time scheduled.

Make sure all conditions—weather and otherwise—are going to be favorable at the time the pet is moved.  It may be necessary to change plans or re-schedule for a better time.

Speak with the person who will be responsible for moving your pet before the move.  Make sure you are comfortable with that person being with your pet.