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How to Organize a Child’s Room

A child’s room can be difficult to organize, especially if your child has a lot of “stuff!”
Clothing, toys, books, papers and other miscellaneous items can quickly clutter a child’s bedroom. Get your child involved with the organization process!

By allowing her to plan out where she wants everything to go, she may be more tempted to keep her room clean and organized.

The following guide will help both you and your child tackle the chaos - it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think!

With a little help you can de-clutter your child’s room and have it organized quickly and efficiently, with everything in its place.

Clothing Clutter

Does your child have a lot of clothing? If so, sort through everything and decide what can be kept and what needs to go.

Get your child involved by having her try on all of her clothes to see which items fit and which don’t. Eliminate the clutter by sorting clothing that doesn’t fit into a large plastic bag. You can then donate the clothing to a charity or thrift store.

Keep her drawers and closet organized by placing everything you’re keeping into organized sections (pants with pants, blouses with blouses, etc.)

If your child needs more storage space, consider adding additional shelves, bins, hanging rods or drawers before putting her clothing away.

Toys “R”… Chaos?

If your child’s room looks like it could be a toy store, it’s time to sort through it!

Allow your child to get out all of her toys and put them into a large pile in the middle of the room. Have her sort through it and decide what she doesn’t want anymore.
Broken toys should be tossed, and unused toys can be placed in a bag to give to charity.

Once you’ve determined what’s staying, it’s time to put everything away. Large plastic storage bins are a great way to organize her toys, and bins should be neatly labeled as to what’s in them.

Keep like items with like and allow your child to help organize everything. If she sees how neat her toys are in their own storage containers, she’ll probably keep them that way!


A lot of books can clutter a child’s bedroom quickly, even if they are stored on a bookshelf. Let your child decide which books she wants to keep!

Have her go through every book on her bookshelf and decide which she’d like to keep and which ones she’s outgrown. Donate the books you aren’t keeping to your local library or thrift store.

Books that hold special meaning to you and/or your child that don’t need to be on a bookshelf can be stored away out of sight.

Organize the remaining books in a format that makes them easy for your child to get to when she wants to read.

Allowing your child to get involved in organizing her bedroom gives her more incentive to keep it that way after everything has been done.

If both of you tackle the clutter together, the time will fly right by and your child’s room will be beautiful, clean and organized!