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Organize Under your Kitchen Sink

A cabinet underneath the kitchen sink can be a valuable storage solution for kitchen cleaning supplies, sponges, buckets and other cleaning products.

However, in order to organize under your kitchen sink you need to be realistic about what actually needs to go there!

Too many products can create clutter very quickly and destroy any organization you once had beneath the kitchen sink.

While organizing under the kitchen sink can be challenging, there are simple ways to turn this space into a functional storage area that’s perfect for storing kitchen cleaning essentials.

By keeping only what you need and eliminating the excess, you can have a clean and organized storage space for everything you need underneath the kitchen sink.

Out with the Old…

How many old products do you have cluttering up the space underneath the kitchen sink? Chances are that’s why the space looks so cluttered!

Take everything out of the cupboard and place in a pile on the floor. Go through everything you have and throw away old, half-empty cleaning products.

The chemicals used in most kitchen cleaners will lose their effectiveness over time. Toss anything you haven’t used in the past three months.

…In with the New!

Some people tend to keep extra cleaning products around because they aren’t really sure what they need. The truth is, you really only need a few cleaning products to do your entire kitchen!

First and foremost, you need a liquid dishwashing detergent. Make sure the formula you buy won’t damage any of your dishware!

An all-purpose cleaner will work well for cleaning countertops and sinks, and should definitely have a place in your kitchen. Glass cleaner, degreaser, and oven cleaner will also be useful for cleaning the kitchen and can easily be stored underneath the kitchen sink.

In addition to cleaning products, you’ll need extra cleaning supplies such as rubber gloves, sponges, a mop bucket, and a scouring pad for tough, stuck on food and stains.

Clean Up First

Before you place any of the products back underneath the sink, scrub down the area with hot water and soap. You might even consider laying down something to protect the surface of the storage area.

Once you’ve cleaned the area, purchase a few storage containers, turntables and/or wire racks to hold all of your cleaning supplies.

It’s a lot easier to keep the space beneath your kitchen sink clean and organized when there are storage racks to hold everything on!

Group cleaners together, and place other products like sponges and cleaning clothes in stackable plastic containers. If you have items you don’t use as often, place them back the farthest. Keep the products you use daily or frequently within easy reach.

While trying to organize under your kitchen sink can be a daunting task, you can greatly simplify the chore by setting aside a specific amount of time where you can work uninterrupted.

Having only the cleaning products you need stored neatly underneath the sink will allow you access to anything whenever you need to use it and turn the area back into a functional, clean and organized storage area.