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How to Organize a Laundry Room

Laundry rooms are rarely considered important, as far as making the space look inviting, organizing the area or decorating.

With so much time spent doing laundry each week however, it pays to open up the area and make it a little more organized and comfortable.

You don’t have to go crazy to organize a laundry room, but a few effective techniques can open up the area, making your laundry room look larger and more like a spot you don't mind spending a little time in.

Organize a laundry room based on the following tips, and you might actually find you enjoy doing the laundry – or at least have the space to do so efficiently!


Your washer and dryer should be evaluated upon deciding to organize the laundry room. How old are your appliances? Do they still run well? Can you afford to purchase new, energy-efficient appliances?

If you can, you may want to consider purchasing a new washer and dryer to make the laundry process faster and more efficient. If you have a large, bulky washer and dryer from 10 years ago, downsizing to smaller, more efficient models can save you space and money.


Your laundry area needs ample storage space to hold detergent, fabric softener, clothing and other laundry necessities.

If you currently have storage space, how well do they function? Do you have enough space to hold everything you need?

Cabinets or large metal storage racks can be perfect hung above the washer and dryer, where cleaning products can easily be reached.

If you choose to install additional storage space, consider working it into the overall décor of your home. This will make the laundry room seem like an extension of your home, rather than an area people forget about and find dreary and boring.


Without adequate lighting, your laundry room will look and feel cramped and claustrophobic. The type of lighting fixtures you choose are largely based on personal preference, but try to ensure that the entire area is amply lit to open up the space and illuminate the areas used frequently.


While it may be slightly more expensive than carpet, a tile floor in your laundry area will withstand high traffic and damp clothing. Spills and stains are a lot easier to clean up, as well.

If you can’t afford ceramic tile, consider purchasing blocks of stick-on vinyl tile you can install yourself. While not as easy to maintain as ceramic, it still offers many of the same benefits and can look just as nice.


If your laundry room is relatively small, consider adding a bit of spark to the area with brightly colored wallpaper.

Incorporate the wall covering into the overall décor of your house, and the laundry area will instantly look more open and inviting.

Organizing a laundry room doesn’t have to be as difficult or costly as you might imagine. A few simple changes can make the laundry area instantly more inviting and mesh well with the rest of your home décor.