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Organize Your Home on a Budget

Organizing your entire home can seem like a daunting task. If you plan to tackle the job, you’re going to need several new storage options to keep everything neat and organized.

Luckily, there are several storage options that are not only functional, but inexpensive as well. A lot of options can even be incorporated into the overall design scheme of your home.

You can easily organize a home on a budget. The following guide will explain the various storage options available to you and how you can make the most of the space you have - without breaking the bank!

File Folders

File folders are a great way to organize recipes, bills, receipts, magazine or newspaper clippings and other important paperwork you can’t throw away.

To make searching for what you want or need even easier, label each file folder clearly. Inexpensive file folders are a great way to store important paperwork without cluttering your entire house.

Metal or Wire Hooks

A few metal or wire hooks in your closet can help maintain organization in cluttered closets and wardrobes.

If your closets are overrun with coats, jackets, blouses and other items that need to be hung, you might consider investing in a pack of inexpensive hooks to keep clutter at bay and your clothing neat and organized.

Drawer Organizers

You would not believe how easy organizing cluttered drawers can be with a few inexpensive drawer organizers.

Keep your makeup and bathroom essentials organized in drawers with specialized compartments for each item. You can also use drawer organizers in kitchen drawers, bedroom drawers and anywhere else that could stand some organization!


To create a functional yet beautiful storage solution, consider investing in a few cheap baskets to store magazines, catalogs, knitting materials, etc.

You can purchase a variety of baskets in different styles and colors to match the overall design style of your home.

Baskets are both a pretty and functional way to store important things you can’t bear to part with.

Stackable Shelves

If you have the space for one or two stackable shelves, they offer a great way to store things in the garage and kitchen.

You can usually find stackable shelves in metal or wire mesh, and they offer ample storage room for crafts, kids toys, or canned food. You can put them against a wall in an unobtrusive spot to create additional storage space to help organize your home.


While standard cardboard boxes are bulky and ugly, you can invest in a few inexpensive photo boxes or containers to store treasured objects that don’t have any other place to go.

While photo boxes are a great way to store extra photographs that aren’t in albums or frames, you can also put old paperwork, tax returns or other papers that are too important to lose but can’t clutter up the rest of your home.

Available at most craft stores, photo boxes are generally fairly cheap and are a great way to store important items without creating chaos throughout your home.

While organizing your entire home can be quite a chore, it’s important to have a variety of storage options available to you.

Luckily, you have a variety of storage options available to help organize your home on a budget. By following the simple tips above, you can have your home organized and tidy without spending a lot of money.