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Packing Your Bathroom

Ultimately packing is determined by how clean you keep your living space and in this case, your bathroom. When it comes to items in the bathroom, many things are liquid and can easily leak on other things in your box. Thus, packing things carefully is imperative. Most likely it is smart to pack things that you use less often than others.

Where to start, right? Start with cabinets first. Most often, this is where we put all kinds of stuff that we are storing and don’t use as often. Out of sight, out of mind. Take time to use storage bags (thick heavy duty ones) to pack these items. Pack things from under the sink as well at this time. Place all the packed bags into a box. This allows security of these items when moving in transit.

If you have several bathrooms in your house, label each box for each bathroom. Plastic containers with handles may  be the best bet, besides boxes for packing bathrooms. Most often, besides linens, packing a bathroom is an easy job and doesn’t require many boxes.

Be sure to save a few towels for yourself for the next few days. Also, dry your shower curtain before packing it to avoid mildew or mold growing. Laying the curtain in the sun is the best way to get rid of all the moisture. Be sure not to pack things you still need. Many people pack as if they are going on a vacation with an overnight bag with travel size deodorants, toothpastes, etc to avoid having to wait till the last minute to pack these things. Decide for yourself.