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Packing the Bedroom

Bedrooms will probably be the last rooms where packing occurs.  However, guest bedrooms or little-used bedrooms can be packed sooner.  Once the contents are packed, the rooms can be used to store boxes and containers as the rest of the house is packed.

Those items that are used the least (usually the stuff in the back of a bedroom closet) should be packed first.  Items should be sorted, and unnecessary stuff donated or disposed of.  Pack those items that will be kept as you come to them; place items to be donated or discarded in appropriately labeled boxes or bags. 

Unless the move is very short, it will probably be a good idea to pack clothing.  There are specially designed boxes, with a rod across the top to accommodate hangers that can be used, and one box may hold several garments.  Other items of clothing can be folded and packed in boxes.

More than likely, merely covering the mattress and box springs in order to protect them from dirt and damage and loading them in the van will be all that can be done.  Older sheet sets, little-used blankets, or plastic can be used to cover mattresses and box springs.

A mirror should be taken apart, if possible, and the glass packed in such a way as to avoid damage.  An easy-to-read label with “glass—fragile”  or some similar message should be clearly visible.   You may also want to mark the mirror and its frame in some way so that movers will know that the two items belong together.

If the mirror is set in such a way that it cannot be removed from its frame, the entire piece should be covered and cushioned, and proper labeling attached.  The same should be done for pictures and artwork.

Drawers should be removed and emptied, and the contents packed in appropriately labeled containers.  Drawers should be kept separate from the furniture they fit, as it is easier to load.