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Packing Closets

Closets should be emptied completely, and the contents sorted through before being packed.  If it can’t be used in the new home, or hasn’t been used in a year, it does not need to be packed.

Clothing that can be folded can be placed neatly into boxes.  However, those garments that should not be folded can be placed into garment bags.  Excess hangers should be placed into a box and taken to the new residence. 

Boxes should be marked clearly.  “Clothing” or “stuff from the closet” is too vague; the box should be marked so that it apparent at a glance WHOSE clothing or stuff it is, and in which closet it should go.  This makes it easier for the movers to know exactly where to put the boxes as they are brought into the new residence. 

Boxes that contain cleaning supplies should be marked or labeled in such a way that there is no chance of anything being ruined should there any of the supplies leak or containers be broken.  Also, proper labeling will help in preventing cross-contamination of foods with chemicals.

Towels and bed linens can serve as cushioning material IF doing so will not damage them.  If there is a risk of damage, then older towels and linens should be used, rather than the ones that are currently being used.  Towels and bed linens can be packed inside boxes that hold clothing, as they will help prevent wrinkling.  Boxes should be marked so that this is evident.

Plan to pack the vacuum cleaner and some cleaning supplies where they will be readily available.  You will probably want to vacuum the carpets, especially after everyone has finished going in and out from unloading the moving vans, cars, and other vehicles used in the moving process, and maybe do a little “spot” cleaning, if necessary.