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Packing for a Dorm Room - Checklist

Take the guesswork out of what to take to college by using this checklist.  Add or delete according to your needs.

Take more clothing and underwear than you think you will need, taking into consideration weather changes in your area.  By taking more clothing, you will not only have a larger choice of what to wear, you will not be “caught short” should laundry day have been delayed.

Pack shoes that can do “double-duty”.  Can you wear your walking shoes to class sometimes?  Can a pair of flats serve as both dressy and casual shoes?  Do you need house shoes or will “slipper socks” work?  What about shower shoes?  Take what you need, but don’t take more than you need.

Invest in a good, sturdy backpack.  It can not only be used to carry books, but can serve as an overnight bag, if necessary.

Buy a good “all-weather” coat or jacket that is not too heavy, but will keep you dry.  Consider one that has been treated with water repellent

For laundry day, get a good laundry bag or basket, buy a large box of detergent (more economical), some fabric softener sheets, and some stain remover.  Don’t forget quarters.

If you have a kitchen, or access to a microwave oven and refrigerator, consider buying microwave-safe dishes and silverware:  plates, cups, bowls, mugs, spoons, etc.  Don’t buy too many, as you will be tempted to use all of them until you are left with nothing but a pile of dirty dishes. 

Buy a drying rack to drain AND STORE washed dishes in.  Buy dish detergent and a sponge or dishwashing cloths.  Don’t forget drying towels.

Buy a few plastic containers for food storage, and some plastic wrap and bags.  Buy food that you can easily prepare in your room, using the microwave.

Buy shower caddies for your bath and cosmetic stuff (label items, if necessary), and whatever you require for your needs.  Make sure you have a good bathrobe that will cover you adequately. 

When thinking about what to bring for the room, remember that space will probably be limited.  Use the space you have wisely.  Get what you need, but remember that small spaces tend to become cluttered very easily.

Check first, before you buy anything for the room.  Some dorms may supply such things as desks, lamps, and maybe even a small bookcase.  Don’t buy or bring what you don’t need.