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Packing the Game Room

The best way to begin packing a game room is to pick a “starting point”.  Either begin at the door and work around the room, or begin at the far corner and end at the door, whichever way is best.

Give children who are old enough a box or plastic bag, and let them pack their stuffed animals and those toys that they can easily handle.  They will feel included, and you will have one less thing to do.

If toys such as building blocks and similar items are still in the original container, they should remain in them.  If necessary, the lids may be secured so that the toys will not spill out.  Once they have been secured, items such as these can be packed all together in one properly labeled box, especially if the original containers were “stackable”.

Items that have playing or construction pieces, such as board games and puzzles, are easily packed.  The pieces can be placed into zip lock bags or sturdy plastic containers with lids.  The bases and pieces can then be packed in the same box that has been labeled with the contents.

Those items that come in a “set”, such as a train set or race car track, should be taken apart.  If the original container is still available, it can be used; or, the set can be packed, accessories and all, in a box.  If necessary, the box should be marked “fragile” or “handle with care”. 

If the set is small enough, and a box (or garbage bag for that matter) is big enough, it may be possible to merely pick the entire set up, place it in the chosen container, and seal it carefully. 

Larger indoor toys, such as play sets (pretend kitchens, workbenches, etc.) can be covered and the covering secured with masking or duct tape.