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Packing Your Home Office

The best part of packing is re-organizing your possessions and getting rid of things you no longer need. This allows you to reduce the clutter in your life. For many, this is a relieving experience. Your home office most likely has many electronics that are expensive “toys” per say. It’s important to take great care for them when moving them. Whether a computer, printer, fax machine or copy machine, you will want them in one piece when you arrive at your new place.

First things first, place things into separate piles, for example papers, office supplies, etc. This will help you stay organize when unpacking as well. File boxes are great sources to use for packing and are relatively cheap. They are great for transporting one’s files and important paperwork. Legal tote boxes are yet another great idea to move files without making a mess of them.

Secure your electronics comes next. Using bubble wrap and/or foam inserts will help keep your expensive office supplies in secure fashion when moved. Wrap them in old sheets, t-shirts or even blankets when placing them in a vehicle to be moved. Take into consideration they may shift in transit. Trashing things as you pack is a great idea. Only take with you what you really need.

Store your office supplies in separate Ziploc/storage bags to keep things organized as well. Furniture should be fully disassembled and all drawers or shelves removed before being packed. Lastly, don’t over pack boxes. The nightmare will be had when you lift a box and it breaks and everything falls to the ground; you will be stressed and most likely overreact. Do not take that chance, pack boxes lightly.