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Packing - How Long Should it Take?

As long as it takes, within reason, of course. 

Some rooms can be packed in a few hours; others may take two or more days.  Some people may be lucky enough that once they start packing, they can do so with few, if any, interruptions; others may find themselves squeezing it in around regular jobs, as well as any necessary repair or remodeling jobs.

Some people may choose to make a packing schedule that allows for  “time off” between rooms; others may make up their minds that as much as possible will be done within a certain amount of time, and will stick to that schedule.

No matter how the time for packing is allotted or occurs, there are certain things that can be done, usually well in advance of the final days, which will certainly make everything go a lot smoother.

Packing seasonal clothing, decorations, and other items can be accomplished very early.  After all, it’s going to either be warm or cold, close to holidays or not, so why not go ahead and pack the things that aren’t currently being used or needed?

As packing takes place, space will appear.  But, that’s OK, it will soon be used again—to hold the boxes or containers that were packed.  Make sure that the space is cleaned before filling it up again.

If packing is done properly, there should be no reason for anyone to have to “live out of a box”.  This is why you will want to pack all non-essential and/or seldom-used items earlier than, say, those items in the bedrooms, bathrooms, and living and eating areas. 

If at all possible, set packing goals, but make them realistic and flexible.  Moving in and of itself is stressful enough, without any additional stress being added.  And, remember, everything will all eventually get packed.