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Packing How-To

No two people are going to pack alike.  One person will swear that room by room, everything at once, is the only way to go, while another will insist that each room will require two packing sessions—one for those items that are not used as often, then another one to get everything else. 

How it should be done is an individual thing, and what works for you is the method that should be used.  It is evident, however, that items such as books, seasonal decorations or ornaments, and off-season clothing can be among the earliest things packed, AFTER de-cluttering has occurred, of course.  IF IT’S NOT BEING USED, DON’T PACK IT!

Once initial packing has begun, it will probably be easier to make and adhere to a packing schedule.  The very act of beginning to put things in boxes and containers will enable you to see exactly what should be considered essential, and what can be packed sooner.

Garages and outbuildings can be packed almost immediately after residence and relocation arrangements have been finalized, followed by spare or guest bedrooms.  Books, DVDs, and artwork can also be packed fairly early. 

Bedrooms and much-used areas, such as the living room, kitchen, and dining area, will have to wait until close to the last minute—but enough time should be allowed to make sure that packing these rooms is not a rush job, or that they are not being completely packed on the day of the move itself.

Those who work out of a home office should notify clients and other essential personnel of the move, and set a date for when the office will be “closed” at the old residence.  All necessary business should be taken care prior to that date.