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Packing Your Kitchen

Often times a kitchen has more breakables then other rooms in the house. It also is a place where many things are stored and most of the packing is done. From silverware to glassware as well as dried foods, packing a kitchen can be time consuming. Have no fear, here are some tips on where to start and how to complete your kitchen’s packing.

First, wash all the dirty dishes. You can either run the dishwasher as you’re packing other aspects of the kitchen or hand wash and dry. Also, wash all appliances from toasters to blenders to coffee machines and cheese graters, whatever it is, wash it so that when you unpack, things look brand new.

When packing dishes, you can purchase a dish barrel box, which secures glassware to avoid breakage. These are relatively cheap and are handy if you plan on moving often in your lifetime. You can also place silverware in plastic bags to stay organized as well and to help them avoid scratches as well. Next, moving your kitchen/dining room table and chairs should include wrapping them with blankets or any other cloths in order to prevent scratches, etc.

Many people choose to stack their pots and pans so that less room is required for packing one’s kitchen. Perhaps packing lids in a separate box with other plastic bowls, etc would be your best bet.
From there make sure that doors to refrigerators and microwaves, etc are tied down before moving them to the moving vehicle.


Pack a cooler for yourself for moving day to avoid having to spend more money on unnecessary food and having to throw away food before moving. Lastly, check and recheck your cupboards before leaving. Sometimes things will sneak to the back and you cannot see from surface level. Make sure you take all of your possessions with you. Taking a few extra minutes won’t put you off schedule.