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Save on Packing Supplies

Think “double-duty”.  Can a soft item, such as a pillow, blanket, or set of sheets be used to cushion a fragile lamp or piece of electronic equipment?  Can a pillowcase double as a “sack”?  Can delicate items be wrapped in towels, washcloths, or dish cloths?

Use newspaper sparingly as a cushion or filler.  The ink may transfer to the item that is wrapped in it.  Rather, go to the thrift store and buy up back issues of magazines, or ask a friend to save their old copies.  The ink stays on the paper.

There should never be any reason to buy any type of moving box or container UNLESS an item is such that special packing is required.  So, don’t be afraid to ask for empty containers. 

Go to a grocery store, liquor store, or any store that receives items in boxes, milk crates, or other containers that can safely hold household items.  Tell them when you will be moving, and ask them to set aside some boxes or containers for you.  Ask co-workers and others in offices to save paper boxes and file boxes that are no longer being used for you.

Make sure that boxes that formerly held food or grocery items have not absorbed any odors.  The smell WILL transfer to whatever is packed in the container.  No one wants to wear a t-shirt that smells like sour milk!

Use containers you already have.  Load a laundry basket with sheets, towels, and pillowcases.  Store little pots and pans in big pots and pans.  Put silverware inside a casserole dish with a lid, cushioning it if necessary, and secure the lid. 

Use suitcases for clothing, ESPECIALLY out-of-season items.  It can double as storage space until such time as the clothing is needed.

Use “dollar-store” tape.  It will probably work just as well as expensive “moving” tape.