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Packing Tips for Moving Day

Organization is crucial for a successful move.  For this reason, a list (or a whole bunch of lists, if needed) can be a lifesaver.  Sometimes, just writing things down serves to lower the stress level.  Make lists to remind yourself of address and utility changes, booking the moving company (or lining up the friends and relatives who will help), and other important things.

Be aware of any changes in the size of the new residence, and take any appropriate action that may be necessary.

Go ahead and pack seasonal clothing and items, and those items that are seldom-used.  However, if they haven’t been used in a while, consider whether or not donation or disposal may be a more feasible alternative.

Give the house and all major appliances a thorough cleaning.  Touch-up clean after a room has been packed and cleared or when necessary.

Sort through EVERYTHING, and donate or dispose of anything that has not been used or worn in the past year. 

Make sure you have the enough of the necessary moving supplies.  This includes boxes of different sizes and configurations depending on the items to be packed.  (For instance, dish boxes have dividers for placing dishes into, large clothing boxes have rods at the top to accommodate hangers, and picture and art boxes have a little extra padding.)   However, remember that ordinary household items such as laundry baskets, and even pots and pans can be used for packing purposes.

Cushioning material can be as simple as crumpled paper or one’s own towels and bed linens.  Bear in mind that newsprint may transfer ink.

Tape for sealing and supporting boxes, permanent markers or colored labels for labeling containers, and assorted plastic bags for keeping up with and/or organizing hardware and other small objects are a good idea.