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Simplify Moving When Downsizing

Downsizing - The only way to successfully accomplish that is by first and foremost making up your mind that some things are going to have to go. Deciding what goes and what stays will probably not be easy, but it will be necessary.

If it has not been used or needed in at least one year, then it can probably be either donated, sold,  or disposed of.  It probably isn’t going to be used any time soon, so why keep it?

It is for certain that there will not be as much storage space available in a smaller house or apartment as there was in a larger residence, especially if the old place had a garage, basement, attic, or other storage area.  Therefore, once everything has been carefully sorted through, and unnecessary items donated, sold, or discarded, it may be necessary to rent a storage unit.

This actually has some advantages.  One is the fact that the items can be moved and placed in the apartment as they are needed.  If the move occurs in the summer, the resident may choose to leave the Christmas decorations in storage until closer to the holiday.

Another advantage is that the owner may discover that the item was one that he or she was certain could not be done without.  However, the actual move has occurred, adjustments have been made, and the owner realizes that the item was not as badly needed as was thought.  It can then be donated, discarded, sold, given away, whatever.

If it does become necessary to rent a storage facility, items that will be placed in the unit should be carefully packed.  If a storage unit is not climate-controlled, and there is a chance that an item could be damaged as a result of this, steps may need to be taken to see that this does not occur.