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Making Storage Arrangements

Sometimes, it is just not possible to take or have EVERY item that you own to a new residence.  The reasons that this may occur are almost endless.

Enter STORAGE FACILITIES!  Those nifty little (or big as the case may be) units that can be rented for a short period of time or a great deal of time, as needed, for storing those belongings that can be done without for the time being.

While it may seem at first glance that having to store furnishings and belongings at a place other than the residence may be a huge inconvenience, the fact is that it may prove to be a blessing in disguise.

Hopefully, it will have been determined prior to the majority of packing being done that “off-site” storage might be necessary, and packing was done with this in mind.  If so, the mere fact that a lot of the boxes and containers that were packed will not have to be unpacked, at least for a little while, may actually alleviate some of the stress caused by the moving process.

Also, as the moving-in process is completed, the owners can decide where certain items that are currently in storage can best fit, and plan accordingly as they unload and arrange furniture.  Later, when the items are retrieved, the space will be there waiting for their arrival.

If the boxes and containers that are being stored have been clearly and correctly marked, it should be no problem to retrieve any items from the storage unit as they are needed.  The owners may even find themselves actually making lists of what they need or what they are ready to bring out of storage.  Then, at certain times, or on certain days, they can go to the storage facility and pick up those things that are on the list.