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Adapting Storage to Your Growing Child

As children grow and change, so, too, will a family’s storage needs.  A child will outgrow not only clothing, but beds, furniture, and closet space as well.

Once a child has outgrown his or her crib, high chair, and bassinet, and it is apparent that there will be no more use for these items, such belongings should be donated or sold to someone who needs them.  If the furniture has been in the family for generations, however, and if it will still be usable for grandchildren, one may want to consider a type of long-term storage.

As toys become outdated or are no longer age-appropriate, arrangements should be made to donate or discard them, also.  If a child wants to keep a favorite stuffed toy or animal, by all means, allow that, but get rid of anything else that is not needed.

Start early teaching children how to become and remain organized.  Insist that children pick up and put away their toys and belongings, but make sure they have somewhere to put them.  Provide baskets, plastic tubs, and low shelving for toys and games.  Make use of the space under the bed by having children to slide race car or train sets under there when they have finished playing with them.

Make closets “kid-friendly” by lowering rods and providing hangers.  Utilize the floor space in a closet wisely by installing a shoe rack.  Put a hook on the closet door for jackets and backpacks.

Use stackable storage containers whenever possible, but make sure that the things in the containers can be easily gotten to.  If a child has to move three boxes to get to the one he or she wants, the possibility that the boxes will be left unstacked may occur.