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Storage Solutions for Small Apartments

Anyone who has ever tried to find a place for everything when there was barely room for anyone can relate to the problems faced by those who live in studio or “efficiency” apartments.  Often, these residences only consist of a combination living area/kitchen/bedroom, with a separate bathroom.  So, one can imagine the storage problems that would be evident in a situation like this.

There are ways to utilize the space that is available, however.  Simply carefully looking up, down, and all around, you can find these areas in which you can create storage space.

Buy some strong hooks, attach them wherever there is space for them, and hang stuff on them.  Hooks can be used anywhere storage space is needed—from the kitchen to the bedroom to the bathroom.

There is even furniture that is designed to double as storage space.  One such piece of furniture is a storage ottoman.  The apartment dweller that owns one of these versatile pieces of furniture not only has additional storage space, but extra seating space as well.  Further, depending on the way the ottoman is made, it can even double as a small table.

If it is necessary to use shelving to store items, it can be made less conspicuous simply by installing a curtain in such a way that it serves to hide the storage space. This not only serves a practical function, but also complements the entire room.

Storage beds are designed with drawers built into the frame.  This is a wonderful answer to one’s storage problems; however, beds such as this can be a little expensive.  A much cheaper way to go is simply to buy storage containers that are designed to fit under ANY bed.  They can usually be slid far enough under the bed as to be unnoticeable.