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All About Storage Units

Drive around almost any city, or small town for that matter, and you will see a proliferation of self-storage facilities.  These storage units can be the answer when temporary storage is needed.

However, before renting a storage unit, one should carefully read the contract.  It will spell out exactly what the responsibilities of the facility manager or owner are where one’s property is concerned, especially in the case of fire, theft, or other damage.

Both the person renting the storage unit and the facility manager or owner have obligations.  One cannot merely rent a storage unit, then just back a truck up and start unloading items.  He or she must make sure that the items are not hazardous, nor pose any threat, and are not of such great value that it would be foolish to store them there. 

The manager or owner, in turn, must see that the unit and grounds are kept in good condition, and that all reasonable efforts are made to ensure the safety and security of the property stored at the facility.

Proper ID will more than likely be required, and there will probably be a small amount of paperwork.  No one can be discriminated against, where storage rental is concerned, but the manager/owner does have the right to refuse rental to someone whom it is felt may pose a danger or hazard through the use of the facility.

Storage units are usually rented on a “month-to-month” rental basis.  Late fees may be charged.  If there are no payments being made, after a certain length of time, the contents of the unit may be auctioned off for the expenses incurred.

The contract will more than likely stipulate exactly what the owner/manager is and is not responsible for in the event of theft, damage, fire, or other incidences.  It is important that the person renting the unit read the contract CAREFULLY!