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Packing Tips: Students Studying Abroad

If you have been afforded a wonderful opportunity to study abroad, you will want to take time to give careful consideration to what you will really need to pack for your adventure.  Remember, you won’t need to take EVERYTHING with you, as you will be able to purchase most necessities.

The Office of Study Abroad can offer packing hints and tips.  Additionally, ask others who have studied overseas to tell you what you REALLY do and don’t need. 

Once you have received the information and advice, USE IT!  Don’t just listen, then not take into consideration what you have been told.

Consider waiting until you arrive in your host country, then buying clothing, shoes, and other items that you might be able to re-sell before leaving the country.  You will not have to pack as much, plus you will get a feel for the fashion and culture of your temporary “home”.

Find out what the weather is really like in the country you will be in.  Pack accordingly, but allow for sudden changes.  Just like in America, layering makes good sense.  You can peel off clothing if it warms up, but you will not be cold to begin with.

Pack once before you really need to.  Then, go back and decide if you really need everything you’ve packed.  Once you have finally packed “for real”, you may see that you did not need some things after all.  However, do not leave anything behind that you KNOW you will need.

Remember 9/11, as well as the other incidents that have happened recently.  Make sure everything you have packed and plan to bring with you meets all restrictions and guidelines.  This applies to both carry-on and checked baggage.  Remember also that you will have to pay extra for luggage that is too heavy.