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Self Storage Units

Or, what do people really store in those places?

Self-storage units and facilities differ somewhat, but all of them provide the same thing--extra space.  Most of them are very economical, especially if the use will be short-term.

Most people think of self-storage as the rows and rows of units located in one central location.  This is indeed the “traditional” type of self-storage.  Units may range from smaller ones designed to hold one or two rooms of furniture; others may literally be large enough to accommodate the entire contents of a house.

Another type of self-storage unit is the “pod” or “mobile self-storage unit”.  This type of unit is actually delivered to one’s home or wherever it is needed.  The unit is packed, and then taken back to a secure central storage area.

Some storage facilities offer units that are specifically designed to accommodate vehicles.  These are often used in cities where parking is at a premium, or is restricted all together at certain times. 

Some people also choose to rent a car storage unit rather than leave a vehicle in “long-term” parking at an airport.  The difference in the rental price of the unit and the parking rates is usually substantial enough to make renting the unit the more economical choice.

Using self-storage facilities and units has many advantages.  Most facilities are well-maintained and very secure.  Some places even allow people to live in an apartment or small dwelling on the premises for free in exchange for security and maintenance services.

Storage units are designed to hold things, but not people.  Although there have been incidences where a unit was opened and it was discovered that someone had literally “set up housekeeping”, this is very rare, and in most cases, illegal.  It can also be dangerous.  So, remember, things, not people, in self-storage units.