7 Snow Removal Hacks to Deal with Your Driveway, Yard, and House This Winter

7 Snow Removal Hacks to Deal with Your Driveway, Yard, and House This Winter

Watching that white fluffy things drop from the sky can be lovely and even mesmerizing, it’s just the snow removal component of the equation that is painstaking. With a little foresight and preparing, you can deal with the up coming snow dump knowing you are prepared to protect against ice damming on your roof, slipping on your walkway, and tweaking your back again whilst shoveling. Many thanks to Danny Watson, home improvement and device skilled at The Home Depot, and Matthew Fleischer, a accredited roofing contractor with Fleischer Bros in Mount Bethel, Pennsylvania, listed here are tips and resources that may well even get you feeling a minimal considerably less frosty about snow elimination. 

1. Approach a snow blowing routine

Some property owners are far more inclined to let a equipment do the significant do the job for them. If this seems like you, here’s some strategies on choosing out a snow blower that finest fits your requirements, in accordance to Watson. Electric powered snow blowers are corded and fantastic for clearing light-weight to moderate snow off patios, porches, walkways and smaller-to-medium-sizing driveways. Cordless snow blowers are run by significant-voltage batteries and are effective on mild, reasonable, and hefty snow on walkways and driveways. Single-stage snow blowers are fuel-powered and ideal for light-weight to reasonable snow on scaled-down paved and average sloped driveways and sidewalks. Two-phase snow blowers are fuel-run and built for removing huge amounts of snow on medium-to-significant-dimension driveways. A few-phase snow blowers are gas-driven and can chop through thick snow and ice from heavy snowfalls.

For greatest effects, make positive the chute of your snow blower does not fight with the direction of the wind check out to get out there before the snow stops slipping, and get out once again following the snowfall for servicing. Determine which side of the driveway or pathway you’ll want the snow to be dumped. If you are dumping on each sides you can start in the middle of the driveway and emulate a zamboni at an ice rink.

40V HP Solitary-Phase Cordless Electric Snow Blower

2. Shovel strategically

Watson says that you ought to select a shovel that suits your height to get optimal leverage and recall to bend your knees when you scoop and toss the snow while partaking your core to avoid back again pain. You’ll know it is a fantastic match if the blade is on the floor and the full size of the shovel is elbow peak. Watson likes the ergonomic Snow Joe Shovelution Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel with spring-support cope with.

Shovelution Pressure-Minimizing Snow Shovel

3. Try to remember roof snow removing

It’s essential to use a roof rake to remove up to 4 feet of snow from the edge of the roof. “The bodyweight of a foot or far more of snow on your area could become a difficulty, particularly in the course of the thaw and freeze cycle that could final for months soon after a snowstorm,” Fleischer claims. “During that cycle, ice can back again up and get below your shingles and damage your interior.” If you rake your roof around the edges, you’re giving the snow place to slide down and thin out when it does thaw. Fleischer suggests waiting until finally a snowstorm has finished right before you roof rake and to in no way use a ladder in the snow. Most roof rakes are light-weight and built of aluminum. Fleischer notes that you may perhaps have to go out and rake the roof a number of instances right after the snow thaws and refreezes, but in no way to rake it down to the shingle and normally go away a skinny layer of snow on it.

Costway 20 FT Aluminum Snow Roof Rake

4. Nix the icicles

Fleischer, a leisure hockey participant, likes his ice in a rink and not forming into gargantuan structures that weigh down the facia or gutters. He says to knock them off employing whichever you have in your garage (not a chain observed) and consider not to allow them get as well massive, particularly if they are close to a walkway. A sturdy broom with heavy-obligation bristles ought to do the trick without harming your residence exterior.

5. Clean up out gutters in advance of the snow tumble

Warmth coils—heat cables, also known as heat tape, warmth wire, or roof ice cables, are heated cables that can be attached to your roof–are useful in melting snow, but they are not likely to be handy if your gutters are entire of leaves and particles in advance of the snow falls. Fleischer says clogged gutters will back again up the moment you get melting snow in the downspout, rendering your roof coils pointless. Fleischer states to in buy to secure his consumers from a tough Pennsylvania winter season, his staff operates heating coils by way of gutters and downspouts, as very well as up and down the 1st 3 toes of a roof. You really don’t want the water move to again up under your shingles, which is why your roof coils or heating cables should be mounted by a certified roofing contractor. “You have to be cautious not to destroy the guarantee of a roof and use clips that really do not puncture the roof but continue to keep the cables in place,” Fleischer says. 

For these anxious about the security or power usage of heating coils, right here are some reassuring information: They are lower voltage and finest for a pitched shingle roof, they can run on a timer that’s plugged into an outlet, and most have a temperature-brought on sensor that turns on when it is super cold.

Frost King RC160 Automated Electric Roof Cable Kits

6. Be intelligent about ways and stoops 

If you have dry outdoor steps and staircases, you can prep them prior to the subsequent snowstorm hits, Watson suggests. Anti-slip basic safety tape, from 3M or Gorilla, will work good and sticks to most surfaces. Watson also adds that Behr and Glidden have anti-slip porch paint that can be utilized as an extra precaution.

One particular home owner, Alicia Lyon, a self-proclaimed snow professional who has to wrangle three youngsters and a number of dogs from slipping and sliding exterior her Connecticut and Idaho residences, makes use of electrical heated flooring mats from Heat Trak on her front stoop and walkways. You can use outside extension cords to continue to keep them driven up. 

Gorilla Anti-Slip Tread Tape

7. Melt ice with mastery 

Ice melting items are to be spread on icy surfaces (driveways, sidewalks) after the snow layer is taken out 1st, Watson says. Although numerous merchandise are made for the floor, some are made to be used on roofs, like RoofMelt tablets that thaw out surfaces within an hour. For homeowners who worry about the harsh ice melt salt or chemical compounds hurting their pets’ paws (or even their garden vegetation), there are a assortment of pet-safe ice soften goods this kind of as Eco-Traction and  Environmentally friendly Earth Pet Welcoming Safety Salt Handle Bag. Some ice melts come with a scooper for you to sprinkle evenly around the icy surfaces. You can also use a handheld ice soften spreader or one on wheels, which features like a lawn seed spreader.