How To Deep Clean Hardwood Floors

If you’ve at any time viewed any show involving dwelling renovations, you possibly know how sought-right after and particular hardwood floors are. It is not astonishing that something so sought-following possibly needs a little bit of maintenance, way too. Unlike laminate, vinyl, linoleum, textile, stone, or carpeted flooring, hardwood flooring call for a exclusive version of deep cleaning.

“Some ground forms, these types of as tile or luxury vinyl, are far more tough and water resistant,” points out Kathy Turley, Director of Promoting for House Clean Heroes in Virginia Beach front, Virginia. “Wood is a much more porous materials, so you are going to want to reduce liquid absorption.” Below, we’ve requested Turley for her very best guidelines on how to deep clean hardwood flooring the suitable way. 

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Guidelines for Deep Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Initially off, you want to commence by acquiring rid of area-level dust and debris applying a dust mop or a vacuum, just like you would for the duration of a common clean. Then, it is time to damp the mop with a cleaning pad and heat drinking water. “A tender cleaning pad will entice dust as you go,” describes Turley. “Remember: prevent making use of way too a lot liquid—if you accidentally use a very little extra than supposed and the floors are damp, just be sure to go more than anything with dry cleaning pads.” 

When mopping the flooring, be positive to search around for stains or buildup in between the floorboards. “Putty knives can be used to carefully scrape away grime, then carefully spot clean anyplace that needs more awareness,” suggests Turley. “It’s optional, but working with an antibacterial wooden floor cleaner will disinfect the ground with a mop.” 

How To Take away Stains from Hardwood Flooring

In accordance to Turley, it’s ideal to use a mineral oil and apply it to the stain, then use a dry microfiber fabric to buff the stain absent. “You don’t want to use that oil as a location cleaner (like you would use Take care of on carpet),” warns Turley. “After you buff the stain, we recommend distributing the oil to a more substantial part on and around the authentic stain web site. Then, allow it sit or ‘cure’ for various hours, and then wipe away with a thoroughly clean dry microfiber cloth.” 

What Not To Do When Deep Cleaning Hardwood Floors

There are a handful of issues you really should avoid when deep cleaning your hardwood floors. Keep away from abrasive cleaners or alkaline solutions (like vinegar). “Abrasive cleaners can scratch the flooring and alkaline can dull the end on the floor,” clarifies Turley. “If you are going to use vinegar, you will want to dilute it with water—a 50/50 combination must do the trick.”

Nevertheless, don’t forget that wood is in a natural way porous and will take in the liquid if much too a great deal is applied, creating harm or warping of the floor. “You’ll need to have to get into thought irrespective of whether or not your floor has a complete (like a polyurethane) which acts as a barrier (and the h2o will pool) or if it is organic or unfinished, in which scenario the wooden will soak up the water,” points out Turley. 

Tips for Maintaining Hardwood Floors Clean

Indoor carpets safeguard the hardwood floors, but if you are going to include them up, why have them in the 1st area? “Having guests and household take out their shoes before strolling on your hardwoods can slash down on dirt and debris introduced in on the shoes—unfortunately, this can act almost like sandpaper on the end,” points out Turley. “This can boring or scratch the wood.”