Is this the end of the home office? This might be the future of WFH instead

Before the pandemic, I had never worked from home in any meaningful way. Then overnight, I, like many people, became a full-time remote worker – something that has persisted post-pandemic into a major shift in my working lifestyle. For that first year, I confined myself completely to working in my home office, a space that we’d recently re-decorated and installed a desk in, despite rarely needing this facility before. 

Fast forward to 2023, and though I still work from home, the way I do it has fundamentally changed. My approach is much more fluid as to where I call a work space – often, the dining table, a spell on an armchair, the sofa, or standing at kitchen countertops while I make coffee. From my colleagues’ shifting backgrounds when we take video calls, they seem to be taking a similar approach, too.