The best steam mops for easy cleaning

The best steam mops for easy cleaning

If you struggle to produce and maintain sparkly clean floors, we’ve got the tool for you.

And it comes in the form of a steam mop.

These devices feature multiple attachments, a mop head and, most importantly, a water tank that only requires tap water to produce a powerful jet of steam that will cut through the determined dirt, debris and residue your regular mop and floor-cleaning machines can’t handle. 

So, say goodbye to the days of lugging buckets of water, scrubbing brushes and drip-prone mops around your house, and check out our handpicked list of the best steam mops on the market — each of which will make the dreaded task of scrubbing floors a whole lot easier, faster and more hassle-free.

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The best steam mops for spic and span floors

light blue Shark Steam & Scrub Automatic Steam Mop

Best steam mop overall

Shark Steam & Scrub Automatic Steam Mop S6002UK

Russell Hobbs RHSM1001-G Steam and Clean Steam Mop in blue and white

Best budget-friendly steam mop

Russell Hobbs RHSM1001-G Steam and Clean Steam Mop

Vileda Steam Mop in black and red

Best steam mop for all floors

H20 HD 5-in-1 Steam Mop and Handheld Steam Cleaner System in green and black

Best multi-purpose steam mop

H20 HD 5-in-1 Steam Mop and Handheld Steam Cleaner System

Best steam mop overall

light blue Shark Steam & Scrub Automatic Steam Mop
Photo: Currys

Pros & Cons

  • Intelligent steam control setting

  • Removable, machine-washable power pads

  • 8m power cord

  • No handheld function

  • No carpet pick up

Considering Shark’s experience in cleaning appliances, it’s no surprise that its steam mop gets top marks for its power, convenience and results.

Using a smart steam control function and two power pads, it cleans and sanitises 99 percent of bacteria on hardwood floors and does it with just water alone. No chemicals or harsh ingredients are necessary, making it the perfect option for households with pets, kids and allergy sufferers!

This model is also big on convenience, featuring an extra-long 8m power cord which allows you to move around the house without the need to swap between plug sockets. 

Plus, its two lightning rotating power pads are machine washable so, once you’ve finished cleaning, simply pop them in the wash and they’ll be ready to use again.

Best budget-friendly steam mop

Russell Hobbs RHSM1001-G Steam and Clean Steam Mop in blue and white
Photo: Amazon

This Russell Hobbs device heats up in just 25 seconds, so if you are looking for something simple and fast, it’s the perfect fit.

Incredibly user-friendly, lightweight, easy to lift up and down stairs, and with 15 minutes of steam time, this device may soon become your favourite tool for quick clean-ups around the house.

The low-profile mop head allows you to get under furniture and tackle those hard-to-reach areas with ease, removing dust mites and bacteria as you go, while the carpet glider does a great job of reviving rugs and carpets.

For extra peace of mind, this device offers a free one-year warranty, plus the option of a second year after registering.

Best steam mop for all floors

Vileda Steam Mop in black and red
Photo: Amazon

Pros & Cons

  • Suitable for all surfaces

  • Swivel head for hard-to-reach areas

  • Ergonomic handle for comfortable cleaning

If you’re looking for a versatile steam mop, capable of tackling every room and floor type in the house — be it carpet, tile, laminate or wood — you’ll want to invest in the Vileda.

Designed to handle a wide range or surfaces, this mop offers three settings;

  • Minimal setting: ideal for delicate surfaces such as wood or laminate flooring

  • Medium setting: great for carpets and rugs

  • Maximum setting: powerful and robust, this is perfect for cleaning tiles 

Not only can it handle any surface, thanks to its smart combo of a swivel and triangular head, this mop can be manoeuvred easily to reach even the most confined areas of your home. Unlike traditional mops, which may miss a spot, you won’t have to reach for a sponge or clean by hand with the Vileda steam mop!

After using the device, simply remove the handle and hang it on the back for easy and tidy storage.

Best multi-purpose steam mop

H20 HD 5-in-1 Steam Mop and Handheld Steam Cleaner System in green and black
Photo: Lakeland

Pros & Cons

  • Multi-functional cleaning device

  • Extra attachments 

  • Converts to a hand-held steamer

  • Removable and replaceable water filter

If the idea of a multi-surface mop appeals to you, then you’re sure to love this multi-purpose model as well.

Designed to clean not only a variety of floor surfaces, this versatile mop can take on curtains, carpets, windows and chopping boards, too! 

Yep, you read that right. Even chopping boards can enjoy a squeaky clean finish thanks to this device.

With five functions, variable steam control and attachments like jet nozzles and dust tools, there’s virtually nothing this multi-functional device can’t handle. 

Boasting a large water tank and a replaceable water filter that prevents clogging and limescale build-up, this nifty feature ensures your steam will always be fresh, leaving your surfaces uncontaminated.

And, as if it didn’t have enough going for it — thanks to its one-touch smart button, you can switch from an upright steam mop with a 360-degree swivel head perfect for cleaning floors, to a handheld steam mode ideal for getting stubborn spots out of cushions or even steaming your favourite delicate clothing.

Despite its fairly hefty price tag, with such a flexible and convenient design, this multi-purpose device is a winner in our book.

Best steam mop for hard floors

Kärcher SC 2 Upright Steam Mop Steam Cleaner in yellow, black, grey
Photo: Amazon

Whether you have stubborn crayon scribbles on your wooden floor or a build-up of bacteria on laminate flooring, this upright steam mop makes deep cleaning a breeze.

With its practical features and optimised design, this device tackles dirt head-on and effectively kills over 99.99 percent of bacteria and viruses in the home.

This Kärcher Steam mop has a quick 30-second heat-up time, a slim design that makes it easy to move and switch between rooms, two switches for wood and tile floors and a contactless cloth removal feature that keeps things clean when changing mop heads — a significant advantage over standard mop buckets and tools.

But what truly makes this steam mop stand out from the rest is its continuous steam and automatic descaling system, which ensures that any limescale is removed from the water and you can enjoy a consistent supply of steam when cleaning your home.

Best handheld steam mop

Beldray BEL0701TQN Handheld Steam Cleaner in blue, grey with a nozzle
Photo: Currys

If you want to get into the small spots on your floors and surfaces, a handheld steamer cleaner is always a good choice.

The handheld device may be small in size, but it packs a lot of power, functionality, and versatility. 

With up to 10 minutes of steaming time, this lightweight and portable device allows you to move easily around your home, removing the awkwardness of a bulky mop.  

Plus, it features 11 impressive accessories including an angled jet nozzle for harder-to-reach areas, a flexible hose for extended reach, a mini mop head, and even a window and mirror cleaner, which makes it a great value for money.

By snapping up this cute and compact steamer, you’ll whizz through cleaning everything from your carpets, rugs, laminate, wood and tile flooring, to refreshing your cushions and removing stubborn grease and dirt from your bathroom and kitchen floors.

Best steam mop for disinfecting floors

Polti Vaporetto PRO 95 Turbo Steam Cleaner in green and black
Photo: Amazon

Pros & Cons

  • Approved by the British Allergy Foundation

  • Provides a deeper, more powerful steam clean

  • Energy saving eco function

  • On the pricey side 

  • Bulky and heavy design

Certified by the British Allergy Foundation, this steam disinfection device takes a tough and more professional approach to get rid of stubborn bacteria, dirt and residue on surfaces once and for all.

Incorporating the benefits of both a steam cleaner and a high-pressure boiler, this turbo-cleaning device provides the ultimate cleaning experience. With a larger water tank, it can steam for longer periods of time and use stronger steam for a deep and targeted clean. 

Meanwhile, its specially developed, extra slim Vaporflexi microfibre brush is designed to be agile and flexible enough to clean all types of flooring faster and more effectively.

Plus, its eco function automatically reduces water consumption, ultimately saving on your utility bills. 

Powerful and energy-efficient, we love it!

Why should you get a steam mop for your home?

The real question is, why wouldn’t you?

From cleaner floors to more convenience in carrying out your chores, steam mopping has a lot to offer, so we’ve compiled our top reasons for investing in our new favourite cleaning tool.

  • Removes bacteria, residue and grease. Most standard steam cleaners kill up to 99.99 percent of bacteria on all surfaces.

  • Convenient cleaning. Using steam cleaning, multiple attachments, microfibre cloths and double-sided cleaning pads, cleaning those typically hard-to-reach surfaces is simple, faster and more effective.

  • Variety of steam modes. Most steam mops have preset steam settings for delicate, hardwood and laminate flooring to prevent the risk of damaging your surfaces. Some models also come with angled nozzles for soft furnishings.

  • Gets rid of odours. Using hot steam to deodorise your home will leave your home smelling fresh and clean.

  • Ideal for allergy sufferers. These floor cleaners tackle dust and debris head-on, all without the use of harsh or toxic chemicals which typically trigger sensitivities and allergies.

  • No other cleaning products are needed. Most standard steam mops are chemical-free with only tap water required for proper floor cleaning.

woman using the shark steam mop on flooring
Photo: John Lewis

What is the best steam mop on the market?

The best steam mops are easy to use, functional and most importantly, they get the job done and eliminate bacteria, germs and dirt.

Overall, the Shark Steam & Scrub Automatic Steam Mop comes out on top for its smart features and high effectiveness in cleaning and sanitising all types of hardwood floors.

But if you’re looking for a device that can tackle bacteria on all surfaces in your home the Vileda steam mop is the right device for you.

Finally, for a budget-friendly model that still gets the job done when it comes to cleaning, the Russell Hobbs steam mop is a great choice.

Prices updated on 21/03/2023. We are not responsible for any changes to the prices mentioned above.