What Are the Best Southern California Cities to Live In

What Are the Best Southern California Cities to Live In

Southern California is one of the most interesting areas in the county, offering a mix of fun entertainment and gorgeous surroundings to allow every city to feel like paradise. How do you pick the best one out of such a great list?  

These are the best cities in southern California, and why they’re a dream come true! 

Costa Mesa

This massive area has over 100,000 people calling it home and sits between two gorgeous beaches at the heart of Orange County. This enormous area is surrounded by beauty and fantastic things to see and do and is often seen as the most underrated gem in the state.

Although the cost of living here is nearly the national average, there’s a lot of housing, and many people find this affordable thanks to the countless apartments and ways to roommate or rent spaces.

San Diego

This is the largest city on this list, and with a high cost of living, it’s a wonder how so many can afford to live here! Although it has a steep crime rate, it’s the best place to get your career on its feet. Whether you’re interested in animation, or tech, you’ll find countless companies that are eager to hire as soon as possible.

This is where some of the best award-winning schools sit and has been called the seventh-happiest place to live in America because of how many people are eager to call this area home.  


Although Los Angeles homes for sale are some of the most expensive properties in the country, it’s worth it to live in such a great area. This LA suburb has everything from incredible jobs to a low crime rate and a shockingly low unemployment rate. Although the houses are almost double the cost of the national average, it’s worth it to get to live in paradise.

This space is wonderful for raising children because of the great schools, fantastic entertainment, and how much greenery is here. Don’t let the high prices scare you away! 


If you’re ready to live somewhere, that feels like a dream come true. It’s time to head to Anaheim! This is an amazing, albeit expensive, area that offers a little bit of sunshine for almost anyone who lives here.

Not only are there countless job opportunities, the weather, amenities, and high quality of life combine to make this the perfect city, regardless of whether you’re a young professional or a family with multiple kids. Home to Disneyland and two professional sports teams, there’s a ton to do and see while living here! 

Loma Linda

If you’re eager for a slice of affordable paradise, it’s time to head to Loma Linda! This is one of the best cities in the country, offering a low crime rate, more affordable housing, and excellent schools for anyone seeking a medical career.  

This is an awesome place to start a career or a family and give yourself and your children a chance to grow in this city. 

Southern California Offers the Best of Life!