Elon Musk and His Band of Free-Speech Tweeters

Elon Musk and His Band of Free-Speech Tweeters

ELON MUSK@elonmusk
This is a struggle for the foreseeable future of civilization. If cost-free speech is misplaced even in The usa, tyranny is all that lies in advance.

Twitter, November 28, 2022.

I am so Angry about almost everything I can barely end my sandwich or my James Patterson paperback because of HUNTER BIDEN’S Notebook

Mariah in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade: no words and phrases. Only inspiring, incandescent lip-synching and I never treatment anymore that my boyfriend dumped me

Why isn’t any individual mentioning how handsome Elon is when he’s selflessly supporting this nation it’s like if George Washington and James Bond had a child and homeschooled it

Until Mothers are offered longer naps and subsidized child treatment my mug will say Vote Like a Mom and I will post TikToks exactly where I dance with two other Moms to Harry Kinds simply because Mothers Bought It Mommin’ On, I have trademarked this

These days my 3-month-old manufactured a spit bubble and I imagined, fuck my occupation in finance this is what matters. JK but would like a e-book deal does everyone have Ryan Reynolds’ make contact with, he’d be great as me, I’m not the only a person who suggests this

Why is everybody so LAZY and ENTITLED primarily younger libs it can make me so angry I want a congressional investigation into Hillary hiding Hunter Biden’s notebook in her NPR TOTEBAG which is a lib ASSAULT WEAPON

Elon presents and presents and no 1 ever thanks him or names their little ones Elon even when the kid may be his

Why just can’t individuals go through the Constitution and remain away from my parking area and the Television Manual with Yellowstone on the include I accidentally still left at the article place of work, of course I invest in stamps like a male

What if we all just considered about local weather modify while sharing images of meadows in its place of calling me names like FlowerButt and You Idiot

China is using our employment and viewing us by means of our Apple solutions don’t say just about anything around your blender just fake you are fantastic LIKE THE LOSER YOU ARE

Asking yourself: is Twitter like Medicare bc it is a thing my Nana does LOL apart from only Nana continue to utilizes LOL

WHY Are not WE Speaking ABOUT FLORENCE HENDERSON’S Phase Occupation

Message to the scorching man with the backpack and overall body odor doing the job up coming to me in Bushwick neighborhood back garden: I was the hottie in Crocs and the crop major designed from dismissed subpoenas you asked me if I was into fanfic the place Chamalet makes use of crypto I can still scent you I am ready near the compost

Margot requires to engage in much more lawyers and scientists probably with disabilities, I will get her that Oscar if she will hear

I will electrical power-wash your patio home furnishings and paint your guest bedroom if you will discuss to me and not get in touch with me Alice

Showered, took the pet to the park, referred to as my Mom, experienced a bagel, daily life is good Unless You are HUNTER BIDEN’S Notebook FOOLED YOU AVOCADO BUTTHURT LIB

I’m not listed here to trigger difficulties but you should find out the variance among they are, their, and there right before the nurse will get listed here with my meds ASSHOLE

The Twitterverse will be a golden land of liberty if absolutely everyone will just give Elon a prospect and all your income ARE YOU LISTENING TIM NOT-AS-Loaded-AS-ELON Prepare dinner. Blue checks will cost extra bc they are made from Elon’s tears

I despise men and women who are divisive, spreading misinformation and loathe. What if we forget our distinctions? And if you disagree I hear you and regard you, and I hope you get run down by a truck crammed with compassion and guns ♦