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Raspberries are a crop usually thought to require a lot of space, however they are a fruit that can be grown successfully in pots. All types of raspberries are suited to pots, though it is best to choose shorter-growing canes or the modern compact varieties. I had a dwarf ‘Ruby Beauty’ raspberry in a pot that was really low-maintenance and provided me with fruit for several years – I gifted it to my sister and it is still cropping for her.

You do not need lots of raspberry canes to feed a household and, for a small outlay for a handful of bare root raspberry canes in fall, you can get fruits for at least three years. The only potential drawback is they do need a large pot in which to grow and will require regular watering while the canes are forming fruits. 

If you want to know how to grow raspberries in pots, the answer is it is a simple and practical way to get delicious homegrown fruits even without the luxury of needing lots of outdoor space to do it in.

Hands holding a fresh harvest of red raspberries

Growing raspberries in pots can provide a good harvest without a glut of fruit to deal with

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Tips for growing raspberries in containers